I utilize a holistic approach, treating mind, body and spirit that is based in cognitive behavioral theory, which focuses on thoughts and how irrational thoughts can lead to dysfunctional behavior. In therapy we spend time identifying these thoughts and behavioral patterns and then by changing the thoughts, promote a change in behavior.

I’ve found it’s helpful to focus on behaviors that support one’s spirit. I help clients to develop mindfulness practices that require one to stay in the moment and to focus on the now. Often we focus too much on the past or feel too anxious about the future. Learning to stay in the here and now often decreases anxieties and increases clarity and balance.

Essential supports to my approach are my partnering with other practitioners to promote and sustain healing. I work with personal trainers and yoga instructors to strengthen the body. When the body is weak it has a huge impact on our psychological well being and when it’s strong we are better able to deal with life’s challenges. Nutritional support is also incorporated where appropriate. I work with nutritionists to create a dietary plan that supports mental and physical well being.

Individual consciousness is only the flower and the fruit of a season…the root matter is the mother of all things.
— Carl Jung

I am passionate about working with people to help them address their issues and create an authentic life. I believe it is in the confronting of our problems that we begin to heal and discover that we are much stronger than we thought. Imagined suffering is often much worse than the suffering that occurs in the work of healing and creating a more fulfilled life.

Common Issues Addressed:

  • Anxiety, such as constant worrying, panic attacks

  • Depression

  • Post-partum depression

  • Cardiac health issues

  • Difficulty in personal, family and or professional relationships

  • Grief & loss

  • Intimate partner violence

  • Issues of past trauma: physical and sexual

  • Work and life balance

  • Stress related illness

  • Self-esteem

  • Life transition issues: college graduate to real life; single life to married life; married life to parenting life

  • Women’s issues: maintaining identity while in relationship; selfhood to motherhood; infertility; abortion issues